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"It's a fast life
There's nothing I can do
The fast life
Suck it in and follow through
The fast life
Just learning as I go
You might call it careless
but this fast life
is all I've ever known "
Bad Religion - The Fast Life

Once again, I am working for Mammoth Mountain Ski resort. This will be my third season here, and this year I am the ONLY person who has returned. As such, I have been put in charge of our satellite office over at Canyon Lodge, with one seasonal auditor under me. It has been pretty trying so far, as I didn't get much training on my new responsibilites and my seasonal auditor didn't get ANY training at all. I'm also in charge of a safe that contains more money than I've ever had to be responsible for previously (including when I worked at the grocery store).

So, why start posting in this journal again? Mostly I think its because I want someone to talk to, even if it's just myself. I don't really feel comfortable talking about a lot of things with the people around me; too many of them could use those things to hurt me, or to try and manipulate me. It's sad, but I can't really trust either of my friends here in Mammoth not to fuck me over if it would help their jobs.

Anyway, hopefully I will have something more interesting to write about soon. Failing that, expect to see more bitching ;)
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