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Well, I made it back alive. Just in case anyone was worried about me or anything. Anyway, here's a quick recap of how the convention went for me:


Left home several hours behind schedule, but made great time. I made it to the hotel with no problems at all, and quickly checked in. I was impressed by how nice the hotel was, particularly when compared to the one we'd been staying at. After unpacking I helped set a few things up (including some pinball machines, which killed my arms for the rest of the convention) and went around and reacquainted myself with the people I knew from years past. I'd been getting sick since Tuesday, so I called it an early night and went to bed around 12am (yes, that's early for me).


Got up around 9am, and ate some pizza that I had left over from the night before. I spent a little time wandering around the game room to see if anyone else I knew had shone up before settling into the video room for a bit. I managed to sit through 8 episodes of the old Legend of Zelda cartoon before I reached a point where I couldn't take any more "Excuuuuuse me, Princess"es and left. I wandered around the game room to kill some time (I don't actually play many games, because, well, I suck at them these days) before settling down at the Virtual Fools' table for a bit. The Virtual Fools are some really nice guys, who let me bother them for most of the convention when my other friends had vanished. Around 1pm Greta finally showed up, so I got to bother her for awhile. I tried playing against her brother in Super Mario Kart, but alas my skills have gone to hell and he beat me senseless in the Vs races (though I did get my revenge in battle mode). I also helped Liz carry her stuff upstairs, and met Phil's boss Ryan, who seemed like a pretty cool guy. I went to bed early again, as I was both sick and hungry (I hadn't eaten anything since the cold pizza that morning) and couldn't seem to find anyone else to bug.


Up AGAIN at 9am. What in the hell is wrong with me? I was starving by this time, and since no one else was up yet, I went down to the IHOP for breakfast. They had (dun dun dun) ENDLESS PANCAKES, and who am I to pass up a challenge like that? I was only able to eat 8 of them though, plus some bacon (which cost almost as much as the (dun dun dun) ENDLESS PANCAKES) and I thought I was going to explode. I spent the rest of the day just wandering around, as nothing really caught my interest (this is my main problem at conventions). I did, however, catch the last half of FF7 Advent Children with spoofed subtitles which was the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time. The Virtual Fools were once again kind enough to let me camp out at their table (when I wasn't getting my ass handed to me repeatedly in Mario Kart Double Dash) so I pretty much hung out there for a bit until the concert started.

The concert was, of course, awesome. The Smash Brothers put on a great set, topped only by the Minibosses themselves. Chromelodeon (or whatever they were calling themselves) were also pretty good. However, I hold a personal grudge against whomever decided that DJ Potato could take the stage again. Unfortunately, the group at the concert has never learned to behave themselves. This year someone finally got hurt in the 'mosh pit', and I was scared that someone was going to get dropped while they were crowd surfing (keep in mind the concert was held in the hotel's ballroom, which was actually pretty small as far as ballrooms go). Greta and I were also worried about the mosh pit, which kept steadily expanding as more idiots decided that alcohol and shoving people were the perfect party mix.

Speaking of idiots, we did have our share of them this year. Apparently some people thought it would be a good idea to spread flour all over a couple of the hotel's floors, which (I was told) got the convention fined. There was also the (now) annual "guy too drunk to find his own room", who was wheeled out of the convention on a stretcher from what I heard (they thought he had alcohol poisoning). Mind you, he was also humming the theme from Katamari Damacy while he was being wheeled out, so at least he was enjoying himself.

I capped the night off with another trip to the IHOP, this time with Roupe, Liz, and a few other guys for a late night breakfast. Of course, I had to challenge the (dun dun dun) ENDLESS PANCAKES again, with the same result as before. I really had a great time, but by the time breakfast was done it was 4am, and I knew that I had a four hour drive ahead of me, so sadly I had to go to bed (well, actually Liz ordered me go to bed because I was stumbling around, but that's the same thing).


I was hopeing to sleep a little longer today, but I woke up at 8am with a terrible cramp(?) in my right calf. The muscles were knotted up like walnuts, and it took a lot of effort to force the muscles to relax so I could straighten out my leg. I was able to doze for a bit longer after that, but I couldn't get myself to go back to sleep, so I ended up packing and checking out around 10am or so. Walking seemed to help work the kinks out of my leg, so I wandered around a bit and managed to meet up with Greta again (just before she left, bah!). I attended the Virtual Fools' panel for a bit, but I was too tired to focus on it so I got up and wandered around a bit until the auction started. Sadly, the only thing I wanted at the auction was something I couldn't afford to bid on, so eventually I just gave up and decided to head on home around 1:30pm.

Over all, I had a pretty good time at the con. It was much better than last year's, though still not quite as good as the first year I went (but then, I think it's always that way). There were a few people that I didn't get to see that I was hoping to run into, but that's the story of my life.

"Whiskey and handjobs for all my men! For I am Cid Highwind, Lord of the Skies!" - Advent Children Spoof


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