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Sometimes I really wish I could kill my cashiers. I'm definately going to have to force one to quit. He was late yesterday, and he claimed that he didn't know he had to be in at 4pm and instead thought he should be in at 6pm (I checked his schedule, and I can't find any days at all that he was scheduled to come in at 6pm). Fine, yeah, whatever, just get in here as fast as you can, ok?

So today this same cashier calls me at 8am, to tell me that he doesn't feel well, he's throwing up, etc, and could he possibly come in later if he felt better? So I told him that he needed to come in as soon as he could, since it's the fourth of july weekend and I need all the help I can get.

Of course, when I told the other two cashiers that he'd called out, they got pissed and told me that he had gone out drinking the night before, which was why he was 'ill' today. So they (bless them) called him on their break and bitched him out until he came in to work.

Unfortunately, having him at work was a waste of time. Of the hour he worked, he spent 20 minutes of it in the bathroom living last night in reverse. And yes, he did confirm that he had been out drinking until 3am last night (he's 19, if anyone cares) which was why he was so sick. If I didn't need him to work Sunday, I would have let the manager fire him right there.

To top things off, when my night office assistant came in he told me that the cashier was telling people last night that he was going to come in late today, but everyone had thought he was joking. If the CSSM doesn't fire him on Monday, I'll cut his hours back until he quits.

Other than that the day was (mostly) ok. We weren't as busy as I thought we'd be, and managed to get by despite missing one cashier. Unforunately I don't think the night shift was as lucky. They were missing the closing bagger when I left, and it looked like business was starting to pick up.

I get to go back again tomorrow, from 6am to 3pm (probably later, depending on how busy we are). I really don't have a good crew, but it was all I could scrape together from the people I have left. There also aren't any replacements available, so if anyone does call out we'll really be in a bind. *sighs* I really wish I could find another job. Anybody out there need a houseboy? I can do cleaning, and be tought useful tricks!


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