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The following song contains graphic descriptions of obtuse and acute angles.
Viewers who might be offended by this subject matter should not view this program.

I know all the angles,
Angle dancing's the latest fad
Make two lines meet, add a throbbing beat
The results will drive you mad.

If you learn all the angles,
You can dance to my angle song.
To start: bend your knees 45 degrees
Everybody crawl along

Angle dance! Angle Dance!
Find the point where two lines merge
Angle dance! Angle Dance!
Come let's make our path's converge

Once you know all the angles,
A two person square's a breeze
It's quite cut and dry, stretch one arm to the side
Raise the other one 90 degress

Next hang a friend from the ceiling
If he loves you I know he won't care
Clasp his hands real tight, get those angles right
There, you've done it, you've made a square

Angle dance! Angle Dance!
Help me measure these angles please
Angle dance! Angle Dance!
We're all doing it by degress

Angle dance! Angle Dance!
Make a circular turn on your toe
Angle dance! Angle Dance!
In degrees spin three six zero

If you try you can make any angle
If you don't there's no excuse
This little beaut, is called acute
And this wide one is obtuse

Now I've taught you the angles
You're angle dancing hip
And if you're inclined, you can go out and find
A spatial relationship

Angle dance! Angle Dance!
Come and join me hun
Angle dance! Angle Dance!
Have some geometric fun

Angle dance! Angle Dance!
Let's hope our math's correct
Angle dance! Angle Dance!
Gee it's great when lines connect

Yeah, it's in real media format. Sorry about that. I recommend Real Alternative if you don't already have something that can play RealMedia


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